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What is the best practice to reduce time to market in software development?

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The purpose of shortening time to market is to get quicker feedback from customers. There are 3 major practices that can help us to shorten time to market.

MVP: Teams should identify and get started on Minimally viable product components. MVP will help shorten time to market by reducing time required to develop. It will supply quicker feedback, which is the purpose to shorten time to market.

Automated Tests: Teams can leverage automated tests to create components faster. Automated tests will provide the confidence to software development teams. If tests are running fine, then you can proceed with deployment. They also provide quick regression.

Toggle features: Sometimes your dependencies may not be ready yet. So by using toggle features you control the flow. Toggle feature will enable us to proceed with deployment without waiting for dependencies. You can deploy now, and switch it ON when dependencies are ready. Development teams can proceed to next items without waiting.


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