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How to start a software career?

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You can get started with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or self teach. Bachelor’s degree will not guarantee a job, but can distinguish from others when too many high-school drop outs are applying for the same position.

Self taught professionals have difficulty getting the first job. However it is possible to Crack a job if you are good at what you know.

A lot of programming knowledge can be learnt by watching tutorial videos, and reading books. But the best way to learn is to write code.

Taking up a small project to apply your theories understanding will surely help.

You can upload your code to Github for show casing purposes.

Also, helping others problem posted On stack overflow is a good start for learning new concepts and their applications.

Setup a code blog, and writing up about your opinions on technologies is good way to show case yourself.

Attending coding boot camp or meet up will give a chance to peek into how others are approaching problems.


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