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Azure app service – Securing Microservices using HTTPS

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Microsoft Azure App Service provides PaaS (Platform as a Service) model for hosting web applications. Azure supports wildcard based SSL certificates for every App Service we create. Communication to this website is encrypted by using wildcard SSL’s.

Wildcard SSL – Free

Azure URL

All the Azure App services have a default website URLs that looks something like.


For example

If your App Service name is “tomatoes-service” then your azure website url is


To profit from the free Azure SSL certificates you can use HTTP to HTTPS redirection extension. This enforces SSL on all the incoming traffic automatically.

All the HTTP traffic will be permanently redirected to your HTTPS.

By using a combination of security measures, we can make our websites and API secure without paying extra for SSL.

Microservices can be secured by using token based authentication on top of wildcard SSL. They can also be secured by whitelisting tenant applications.

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS using extensions:

Azure conveniently allows us to install extensions on our app services. We can achieve the HTTP to HTTPS redirection by installing an extension instead of writing code.

Step 1: Navigate to your App Service and search for “Extension”.

Step 2: On the right side corner, click on “Add”.


Step 3: Under “Choose Extension” select “Redirect HTTP to HTTPS” extension by gregjhogan.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.23.55 PM

Step 4: Select “OK” — 2 times.

That’s it.

All the HTTP traffic to your website will be automatically redirected to https.


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