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Mockingbird – ASP.NET mocking api for web devs

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Mockingbird is a simple ASP.NET web application to help developer’s setup mock endpoints quickly for development and testing purposes. After deploying this ASP.NET website on a web server; developers can quickly create new RESTful api endpoints which spit out the same response as original endpoint.


Modern multi tenant web applications development tasks are frequently effected by unavailable downstream api endpoints due to maintenance and/or other issues in production and develop environments. I found mocking useful especially in companies with Hybrid SaaS infrastructures where applications are spread over in Cloud and OnPremise. By mocking OnPremise application (usually hidden behind firewalls and blocked incoming requests) endpoints, i was able to bridge the broken connectivity to unblock myself. I was also blindsided by frequent api changes on dependency development servers. It is quick to mock up a endpoint and continue with the rest of the development tasks.

These are useful especially when downstream applications are down because of maintenance or in case of any other failures.

Mocking api’s can also be used for performance tests on our application. To be able to put a massive load on dev server to gauge and profile our application behaviour through mock api is much easier. Performance testing need not necessarily mean performance testing our downstream applications always.

Source code

Below is the Github repository link to Mockingbird source code.



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